SonyStyle Drops 20GB PlayStation

The cheaper 20GB flavour of Sony Computer Entertainment's two PlayStation 3 consoles is getting harder to find in the U.S. In addition to Best Buy dropping the $500 version, Sony's own online store, SonyStyle, now displays an error message when the page for the model in question is requested. "The line-up [at SonyStyle] is decided based on market demand and so it's not surprising that they are not selling it on their Web site but if you go to a retailer you can find it," said Satoshi Fukuoka, a Tokyo spokesperson for SCEI. He said the $600 version with a 60GB hard disk drive and wireless Internet adapter has always been more popular among users and that's why some retail outlets aren't stocking the lower-spec model.

The 20GB model was launched by Sony in Japan and the U.S. last November. When the PlayStation 3 went on sale in Europe in March this year Sony put only the 60GB model on sale, citing consumer preference for the more expensive version. A possible 80GB version of the PlayStation 3 was revealed last month in a filing made by Sony to the Federal Communications Commission.

News source: PC World

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