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Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.0 goes live with custom contracts, character creator, and more

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) pushed out the massive Alpha 3.0.0 update to its space-simulation title, Star Citizen, at the end of last year, adding the highly anticipated planetary tech among other new features. Three months later, and following the bugfixing 3.0.1 patch, the studio implemented the Alpha 3.1.0 update to the crowd-funded title, which is now available for all backers to jump in and try out.

With CIG opting to change up its update plans to accommodate quarterly patches, the number of new features that have arrived with the new update is limited in flashy content compared to the previous jump from 2.6.3 to 3.0.0.

Starting off, logging out in major stations such as Levski, GrimHex, and Port Olisar will now save the player location, meaning that when players log back in, they will wake up in that same station. This functionality is expected to be expanded in the next major update to include beds in ships as well.

Another notable new component is the character creator, giving all players the opportunity to customize their avatar's "Head, eye color, hairstyle, hair color, and skin tone." And once done, this character will be used across all game modes, from the Persistent Universe to Star Marine.

As usual with new updates, several new ships have been made available as well, them being the Aegis Reclaimer, which is inspired by the Nostromo ship from Alien, the MISC Razor, and the Anvil Terrapin. Also included are the Tumbril Cyclone and Nox Kue vehicles for planetside escapades.

Players are now able to set up custom contracts for combat assistance as well as transportation via the new service beacons feature. Creating and accepting these new contracts is done through the MobiGlas' contract manager. Completing a beacon mission will automatically grant the player a positive rating, but canceling one will give the initiator the option of giving a negative or a positive rating for an authentic space-Uber-like experience.

In addition to all of the above, numerous changes ranging from minor to major also arrived for existing mechanics and features. For those interested in seeing CIG's entire, and quite long, changelog, it is available here. Star Citizen's roadmap for 2018 can be seen here.

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