Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 goes live with Jumptown 2.0 server-wide event

Cloud Imperium Games is squeezing in one last major update to Star Citizen before the year closes out. Titled Return to Jumptown, the Alpha 3.16 update has now been pushed to live servers, offering all backers a chance to jump in and experience the latest server-wide dynamic community event: Jumptown 2.0.

Building upon the original Jumptown experience from the early days of the game's Persistent Universe, the new rendition aims to trigger massive scale PVP battles between lawful and criminal players. The fighting will take place across various locations in the Stanton system as players and factions attempt to take control of valuable drug crates for themselves.

Also new in this holiday update is the dropship 'Steel' variant of the Drake Cutlass, which replaces the standard cargo capacity with 18 jump seats for troop transport. Enhanced hover bike handling improvements thanks to overall improved hover vehicle physics, a new hospital location in Area18, as well as new missions for bounty hunters are included too.

For players looking for new non-PVP content to dive into, the studio is preparing Alpha update 3.16.1 for January. This release will add Derelict Ship Graveyards to the universe containing traps to avoid, puzzle mechanics, and treasure to loot for anyone stumbling upon them.

The patch notes for today's Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 update can be seen here. Star Citizen recently crossed the $400 million mark in crowd funding also, earning the latest $50 million the last eight months of development.

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