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Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.5 is live, brings forth the first traversable planet, Hurston

It's only been a couple of weeks since Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.0 came out the gate with its massive performance improvements and other features, and now a full-blown planet has entered the game's play space, with Cloud Imperium Games pushing out the Alpha 3.3.5 update to live today.

The planet is Hurston, the surface that has been the focus of a few gameplay presentations by the studio. Up until now, only several moons were available as surfaces for players to land on, acting as test beds for the developer before going big. And as expected, they are dwarfed by the massive size of Hurston, which even comes with four new moons of its own, seen below.

The massive city of Lorville is the main attraction on the planet, housing new missions, a bar, shops, and other areas to explore. The city even has its own transit system for easier travel as space above the residential and commercial areas consists of no-fly zones. As the studio explains, "Players will be warned when they are entering that zone via HUD warnings, visual indicators, and increasing audio alerts. If they continue into the zone, their ship will be destroyed"

Head over here to see the full 3.3.5 changelog, which also lists all of the bug fixes and the issues that are currently being worked on. Those who are updating to the new version are recommended to delete their 'user' folder found in the game's installation directory afterward.

With this pace, there's not much time left before the next major update hits the now $200 million strong crowd-funded project. On the official roadmap, Star Citizen Alpha 3.4.0 is slated to arrive sometime before 2019, bringing new essential NPCs, a business district for Lorville, gameplay improvements, and more.

Images via Reddit, RSI Citizen Spotlight

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