Status of the Neowin Forums Update

Hey everyone,

We sent in a critical support ticket to Invision Power Services 13 hours ago and asked for support on the matter, because even with the forums turned offline the server load is still floating around the 6-10 mark when it should be well under that.

Please bear with us while we rectify this, our developers have been up all night trying to solve the issue. If we can't solve the high loads we will be forced to revert back to IPB 2.3.6. This will be done only as a last resort, we have put in a lot of time and money to go to IPB 3 and we'd rather try to resolve those issues where we can.

One thing people have to remember is that Neowin is one of the very few large communities that runs Invision Power Board. In the past we've experienced issues like these and IPS developers have assisted and rectified the issue because their own testing can only go as far as their own average users online. Hopefully with it being the weekend, explains why we haven't heard back yet.

We are running a number of tests and configuration changes until we hear back from Invision. Please note that there has been no data loss during the migration this is strictly a load issue making the forums inaccessible.

We thank you for your continued patience and loyalty.

Update: We have spoken to Invision who are assisting us. We regret there is no ETA on when the forums will return but rest assured we're throwing everything we have at this unforeseen issue. Thank you once again for your patience.

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