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Study: 1366x768 now the most popular screen resolution

For a long time, the most popular resolution to view content on a PC monitor was 1024x768. Now a new study from StatCounter claims that size has now been overtaken in popularity by a much larger resolution, 1366x768.

StatCounter says it began recording monitor resolution statistics for the PC in March 2009. At that time the 1024x768 size was by far the most popular resolution. The company's information showed that 41.8 percent of PC users had their screens set at that viewing size.

However, over the past three years the 1024x768 resolution has been slowly losing its popularity while the 1366x768 resolution size, which had just 0.68 percent of a PC monitor's market share in March 2009, has been used by PC customers more and more. Finally, in March 2012, StatCounter claims that the 1366x768 resolution had 19.28 percent for PC monitor users compared to 18.6 percent for 1024x768.

In a email statement, Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, said:

The data reflects a continuing trend of users moving to larger screen resolution sizes. The screen resolution size people are using is a critical factor for developers when it comes to web design, particularly in the case of fixed width web pages.

Indeed, Microsoft has already announced that 1366x768 is the resolution that has been set by the company for full support of Windows 8's Metro features. 1024x768 as the absolute minimum resolution for Windows 8 but that size won't support all of Windows 8's Metro features.

Image via StatCounter

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