TechSpot: Asrock P55 Extreme4 Motherboard Review

Since the arrival of Intel's P55 chipset and the LGA1156 platform almost a year ago, over a dozen different motherboards based on that product line have passed through our testing lab. Some of the best offerings we've come across include the well equipped MSI P55-GD65, Asrock's value priced P55 Extreme, and the Asus P7P55D Deluxe which received high honors for its amazing overclocking abilities and excellent board design.

But while each of the aforementioned products held their own in our 7-way motherboard round-up last year, today they're starting to show their age with missing features such as SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0. Asrock currently has numerous P55 based products on offer targeting a variety of price points. Their latest offering, the P55 Extreme4, comes feature packed with a relatively affordable price of just $150.

Indeed, the Asrock P55 Extreme4 looks to be the one of the best equipped LGA1156 motherboards that we have ever come across, which is saying something at this price point. But as you surely know, real world performance isn't always in step with spec sheets, so let's delve deeper into the P55 Extreme4 to find out what this motherboard is really all about.

Read: Asrock P55 Extreme4 Motherboard Review

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