TechSpot: Asus Transformer T100 review: Windows 8.1 dockable tablet for less than $500

Windows is still relatively new to the tablet market, with the launch of Windows 8 occurring just a little over a year ago. But that doesn’t mean the market isn’t filled with options for consumers, ranging from ARM-based Windows RT options such as the Microsoft Surface 2 and Nokia Lumia 2520, to full-blown Windows 8.1 convertibles and hybrids.

High-end tablets tend to capture a lot of attention from the press thanks to their fancy features and top-tier hardware, but sometimes the entry-level products can be the most interesting. The device I’m looking at today is one such entry-level product, the Asus Transformer Book T100, which consists of a 10-inch tablet, Intel ‘Bay Trail’ internals, and a keyboard dock all for under $500. The Transformer line of products has typically been quite solid, so it’ll be interesting to see how an affordable Windows-based model fares.

The 10-inch Windows convertible market is quite crowded, so how will the T100 stand out? Are the tablet’s trade-offs too much for the asking price?

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