TechSpot: Samsung SSD 850 Evo 2TB Review

SSDs have become bigger and more affordable over the years. It's hard to believe the prices many of us were paying just a few years ago when we can equip our current test systems with a 1TB Crucial MX200 SSDs for just $365 ($0.36 per gigabyte). There haven't been many options exceeding 1TB -- certainly none that have been consumer friendly. The Intel DC S3610 1.2TB costs $1,190 for example, while the 1.6GB model is fetching $1,590.

Recently, Samsung delivered even higher capacity SSDs with 2TB versions of its famed 850 Pro and 850 Evo series. Today we have the 850 Evo 2TB on hand and although it's obviously not cheap at $800, that works out to be just $0.40 per gigabyte, hardly huge premium over the $0.36 you'd pay for the 1TB models.

While we already know the drive is reasonably priced for the amount of storage provided, we're keen to see what its performance looks like. Is the 2TB model faster, slower or just what we have come to expect from the 850 Evo series?

Read: Samsung SSD 850 Evo 2TB Review
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