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Teens say: “Apple is dead, long live Microsoft and Samsung.”

Teenagers are a finicky lot. As any parent can tell you, teens generally like the opposite of whatever their parents find “cool.” Apple continues to win market share with iPhones, iPads, and Macs when it comes to Gen X and the Millennials, but what about their children?

Last week, Forbes reported that the younger crowd’s opinion of Apple is quickly dropping. Where the iPhone was once the most coveted device around, kids are now becoming far more interested in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2. Even the mighty iPad is starting to fall to Microsoft’s Surface. According to market researchers, in 2011, Samsung’s smartphones weren’t coveted much at all. Today? 22% of teens want them, a big drop in Apple’s appeal.

While we weren’t surprised to hear about Samsung’s success, given their great sales numbers recently, we were shocked to hear that teens are in favor of the latest Microsoft Surface tablet. Although we really liked the tablet, sales haven’t exactly been rocking the world. That said, this is good news for Redmond and it will be interesting to see if they can leverage the popularity to sell more of the Surface RT and the Surface Pro when it’s released.

Time will tell whether Apple can change their image and become the “cool” company again, or if their constant barrage of lawsuits and minimal innovations will convince customers to move elsewhere.

Source: Forbes

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