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Telegram 5.4 launches with auto-playing videos and better data management

Telegram 5.4 has just been released and it brings along with it some pretty nifty features. In this update, users will be able to experience auto-playing videos, new default download settings based on country, alternative options to logging out saving you time, and multiple account support on iOS.

With Telegram 5.4, chats will feel more alive with auto-playing videos. Luckily, this feature shouldn’t cause too much irritation or use up lots of data because only small videos will automatically play, and in a muted state. You can unmute the video by pressing the volume buttons.

Another new feature you’ll notice is that auto-download settings now let you pick between Low, Medium, and High presets for Mobile, Roaming, or Wi-Fi connections, giving you extra control. You can also set automatic downloads by chat type, media type, and file size with your choices being remembered under the Custom preset. Additionally, Telegram now tries to figure out the best download presets based on the country you live in. In countries where data is affordable, you’ll encounter less download buttons, while in the places where data is expensive, you’ll be able to cut back on your bills.

In this update, the team has added alternative options to the log out screen. Some users may think they have to log out in order to use a new phone number or add another account but now they can do several actions from the alternative options menu. The options include Add another account, Set a Passcode, Clear Cache, Change Phone Number, and Contact Support.

The last change is Multiple Account Support, this is already available on Android but now iOS users can take advantage of it too. This feature will allow you to add up to three accounts (three phone numbers) that are seamless to toggle between. If you’ve added more than one account, you’ll get push notifications for them all and an indicator about which account received the message. You can also tap and hold on an account in settings to get a sneak peek of the chat list.

You can find the new update on your platform’s respective app store.

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