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Telltale games are disappearing off stores as studio finalizes shutdown

Following the mass layoffs at Telltale Games earlier this year, only a 25 person crew was leftover at the studio to finish up obligations before shutting down. But, the end is near, as a report by GameDaily.biz states that the company is now settling its final affairs as it's going through assignment proceedings (similar to bankruptcy.)

According to the report, Telltale's liquidation is being handled by a company named Sherwood Partners, and letters are being sent out to those who might have claims against the video game company's assets.

The proceedings also seem to be affecting Telltale's games catalog on Steam and third-party digital PC stores. We have confirmed that older titles such as Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island are no longer listed on most of them.

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Telltale's The Walking Dead series has also been pulled, with the exception of The Final Season, which is not purchasable but still has a store page remaining. Since Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment will be continuing development of The Final Season to complete Clementine's story, this makes sense.

However, Console stores and the DRM-free GOG store still lists these missing games. It's unclear how long they will stay available and if the entire Telltale collection will disappear off all platforms soon.

For anyone interested in picking up Telltale adventures before they disappear, this may be the last chance to do so. The removals shouldn't affect those who already own the games and have them in their libraries.

Source: GameDaily.biz

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