Telstra: Nokia Lumia 920 demand "beyond amazing"

Yesterday we reported that sales of the Lumia 920 seem to be going strong, as retailers around the world are running out of stock. We mentioned Clove in the UK, Telstra in Australia and even Walmart in the States as having sold out. And of course the delays from AT&T on shipping the Lumias have become a meme in their own right.

As lots of people pointed out without an exact number for the original stock, running out doesn't really tell us too much. In many cases stores have only a few units and getting sold out is inevitable. However, considering this is happening on a global scale there is some cause for real optimism here.

Telstra has now revealed a little bit more info on Twitter. They stated that demand for the new phone was “beyond amazing” and their efforts in securing more units sooner were futile as global demands are high and Nokia has limited stock. Telstra mentioned they would be getting limited stock in select stores on the 27th November.

It’s pretty clear that lots of people have been waiting for this phone and it’s quite probable Nokia themselves never expected such high demand. While scarcity does tend to increase the value of a device, too few devices may end up hurting Nokia as potential customers may be put off due to the hassles of procuring one.

Here’s hoping Nokia ramps up production and this launch is as successful as these early signs make it out to be.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received your Lumia 920 or if, like us, you’re still waiting for devices to be restocked.

Source: Telstra (Twitter) | Via: WPCentral

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