Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion gets major new patch

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Developer Ironclad Games and publisher Stardock released Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion in June and the game has since become a solid sales and critical success. This week, Ironclad released the first major patch for the space-based RTS title, which adds a lot of new content.

Most notably, the patch adds over 30 new multiplayer maps to the game, " ... including competitive multiplayer variants which normalize resources, militia and other factors." The amount of maps added in this patch should keep players very busy online.

Here are some other highlights from the long patch notes post:

  • All corvettes are now unaffected by most harmful Titan abilitiesExceptions are Explosive Shot, which will still knockback corvettes in the AoE, and The Maw, which will still potentially draw in corvettes in the AoE (but won't specifically target them).
  • Ships should no longer try to use abilities on invulnerable targets.
  • Corvettes will no longer be explicitly targeted by Cleansing Brilliance or Reverie abilities (but may still be affected by them).
  • Corvettes are no longer affected by Magnetic Clouds.
  • Adjusted relationship bonuses per Pact with allies to grant a 0.2 Diplomatic Actions bonus per unique Pact (to a maximum of 2.4).
  • Adjusted relationship penalties per Pact with enemies to grant a -0.5 Diplomatic Actions penalty per unique Pact (to a maximum of -6.0).

Source: Sins of a Solar Empire website | Image via Ironclad/Stardock

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