Thanksgiving may have made this Windows 11 ex-user thankful that Windows 10 still exists

Windows 11 desktop with swearing and vomiting emojis

Let's be honest, any major upgrade, and especially when it comes to something as massive as an entire OS like that of Microsoft's Windows 11, is bound to have some issues here and there. There are likely many things that may probably not be to everyone's liking. We made a compilation of the top 10 such changes and additions the people want to see, according to the Feedback Hub.

Some of the users are also expressing their views online on various social media sites and forums. Here's a Reddit user with the username BrokenDynamov2 below who goes on a rant about the new OS after being thoroughly dissatisfied by it.

I was excited to upgrade from 10 to 11 as it got a pretty interface, but after using it for 1 month that made me realize how there were so many features and stability that I took for granted, not only I was suffering from the missing drag and drop to the taskbar feature/tasks don't override each other properly but the overall performance was so slow and laggy even with using all speed up tips and animation reduction.

It's almost as if Thanksgiving made the person realize how thankful they are for Windows 10 still existing as they seem to have rolled back to Windows 10.

I was so relieved when I saw the windows 10 logo during reinstalling after all this frustration.

While individual rants like these are not uncommon, the post has been overwhelmingly upvoted on the Windows 10 subreddit and from the replies in the thread, it seems like the majority of others hold similar sentiments towards Windows 11, ie, more people, at least for now, seem to like Windows 10 more.

While we are on that topic, here's our very own Usama's editorial piece on the five Windows 11 things he hates.

Source: BrokenDynamov2 (Reddit)

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