The Kado Wallet is the "world's thinnest" charger at 5mm and costs $39

When it comes to portable devices, they are more thirsty than ever when it comes to power consumption. For most, getting through the day with a smartphone can become a juggling act, requiring several top ups before the day is through. Although it is fairly simple to carry around a charger, there is always the problem of added bulk.

For the most part, chargers that come from the manufacturer are almost always oddly shaped or protrude in a manner that doesn't it allow it to be easily stowed. Noticing that this is a pain point for some, a team has dedicated itself for the past two years to bring something that can fit in your purse or the front pocket of your pants.

The Kado Wallet is a fully capable charger that is extremely thin, measuring just 5mm. It accomplishes this by having a set of prongs that, when not in use, fold into the body. Although some slim chargers are crippled by having the charging cable built-in, the Kado has a fully removable one, making it easy to swap out if something were to happen to it. Although slim, the unit provides 2.1A of charge and even has support for Quick Charge.

If you feel like this is something you would find useful, you can fund the project starting at $39. This will get you one charger and your choice of a microUSB, USB Type-C, or Lightning cable. If you are looking to accessorize a bit, you might want to step up your contribution a few bucks more to get the phone clip for a total of $44. This accessory attaches to the back of the phone and allows it to be secured to the Kado while in an outlet.

As with campaigns of this nature, the funding doesn't guarantee the project's success, but should everything go smoothly, it is estimated that you will have your product by December 2017.

Source: Kado via The Verge

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