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The latest Ara: History Untold video dev diary offers more info on the game's Triumphs

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It's been a few weeks since Oxide Games posted a new video dev diary for its upcoming grand strategy game Ara: History Untold. this week we finally got a new dev diary video, and we have a new temporary host. With the normal host Steven Bell taking an extended worldwide vacation, YouTuber "@GamerZakh" is filling in for this installment

The new video included a chat with Oxide Games Designer Emily Horton. She talks about the use of Triumphs in Ara. These are big structures and monuments that have been used in other grand strategy titles to give players bigger boosts and extras.

Horton stated that once the team picked the historical monuments they wanted to add as Triumphs in Ara, the team's artists and audio creators come in with their concepts of what these might look like in the game world and even the audio effects they have.

Once that's done, the game's designer have to figure out how Triumphs can affect gameplay. Horton states:

We want to look at how was this used, and if there's some mystery around it, like for example, we don't truly know what Stonehenge was used for. We have to make educated and creative assumptions based on not just what research and understandings we have of Triumphs, but also what players and people around the world, like, think of about these Triumphs.

Players will have to gather more advanced resources in order to build these Triumphs compared to normal structures. Players will also have to find a big enough space to put in Triumphs, and Horton stated that once players make the commitment to start building one, other parts of their city won't be developed until it's completed.

Ara: History Untold is currently set for release on the PC sometime in the fall of 2024. You can join the Ara Insider Program right now for the chance to play pre-release builds for the game. You can learn more about how to participate on the game's Steam page.

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