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The next Mass Effect game also gains a teaser trailer from BioWare

EA and BioWare weren't happy with just showing off its new teaser for Dragon Age at The Game Awards today, as the previously announced new Mass Effect project also received some time in the spotlight at the very end of the show. Sadly, it's another cinematic teaser, but we do see a familiar face and a few hints at the setting.

After diving into what seems to be the milky way, the footage has us zooming past a devastated space structure as a familiar Reaper beam is heard in the background. Further zooming into an icy planet, we see what seems to be the corpse of a Reaper as well as an Asari - likely Liara T' Soni from the original trilogy.

This does seem to confirm that the series is abandoning its Andromeda thread from 2017 and going back to its roots. If accurate, it will be interesting to see which ending from Mass Effect 3 would serve as the cannon start for this entry, though the possibly dead reaper might clue fans in. Just like the next Dragon Age, this Mass Effect entry doesn't have a name or a number attached to it yet, and it is still in pre-production at BioWare under a "veteran team".

"We’ve got a lot more in store for the Mass Effect universe and while we’ve got a long runway ahead of us before we’ll be ready to show you more, we hope the teaser set the tone for where we’re headed next," added the studio. "The teaser is full of hints about what we are planning, and we hope you have fun finding them all!"

While a release date was not revealed today for this project, BioWare is also developing a remaster of the original Mass Effect Trilogy, which is slated to launch in spring 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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