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These 12 Threads features are on the way, according to Instagram head Adam Mosseri

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Meta's newly launched social media app Threads crossed over 30 million users within the first 24 hours of its arrival. However, the text-based version of Instagram built on the likes of Twitter currently deprives its users of various basic features. Moreover, users can't delete their Threads profile without saying goodbye to their Instagram account.

A number of Threads features are "on the list" for a future rollout, according to numerous comments posted by Instagram Head Adam Mosseri on the Threads app. Mosseri has been active on the platform, taking feedback from users and giving clarifications on why some features are not yet available.

Based on his conversations, here is a list of some new Threads features that might make their way to the microblogging platform in the coming future:

Edit option for Threads

Edit option for Threads
Edit option for Threads
Edit option for Threads

Hashtags (existing hashtags will become clickable)

Hashtags for Threads
Hashtags for Threads

Switching between multiple accounts

Multi-account support for Threads
Multi-account support for Threads

See posts from people you follow in the Home feed

For You Feed for Threads
For You Feed for Threads

Improved basic search with the ability to find threads

Improved search for Threads

A Trending section

Trending Section for Threads

A full-fledged web version

Web version of Threads

GIF picker for Threads

GIF picker for Threads

Tag people in photos and videos

Tag people in photos and videos on Threads

Ability to pin threads

Pin Threads to the top

In-app language Translation

in-app translation for Threads

Direct sharing from the Instagram app

Direct sharing from Instagram

Mosseri didn't give any timeline so it can't be estimated when any of these features will arrive. It might happen that some of them may not make it to the stable version of the Threads app. It's interesting to note that many of these features are available on Twitter.

Meta has previously announced that the Threads app will get support for the ActivityPub protocol. This will make the app compatible with other platforms like Mastodon and WordPress. Given the rising number, creators are becoming less reliant on a single social media app.

"Building on ActivitPub means that, one day, we will be able to support allowing creators to take their followers with them if they decide to leave Threads," Mosseri said in a comment.

While responding to a user, the Instagram head also hinted they are considering the ability to archive posts automatically. "We're thinking we might auto archive everything after 30 days so people can be a bit more open, what do you think?" Mosseri asked the users.

He didn't add further information such as whether the proposed feature will allow users to access the archive and restore their content. For reference, Instagram has a built-in manual archiving feature that let users restore individual items.

Threads users also suggested some other addons like connecting Reels to Threads so there is no need to reupload the video. "For example, It'll be nice to create a thread to talk about the behind the scenes of our latest Reels. When ppl click the video they get directed instantly to Instagram," a user wrote.

Another user suggested that there should be a functionality to swipe left or right to jump between threads. However, when asked whether Threads will get the option to 'double-tap to like,' Mosseri argued that "the issue is you need to be able to tap on a thread to open the full thread, and you really don't want to have an element that you can both tap and double tap..."

The Instagram head seemed open about the fact that Threads is a Twitter-like app. "Credit where it's due, they pioneered the format and have done great work," he said while responding to a user. However, following the launch, Twitter has started pointing its legal arsenal against the company.

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