These iPhone 6's might be headed to China's black market

It happens every year with the iPhone, legions of eager consumers will line up in advance to be one of the first to get a hold of the brand new device. While for some, the wait is about the experience, for others, it's about flipping the device for profit. Although this seems like a highly lucrative operation, it becomes even more so when you considering the resale value of the iPhone in unreleased locations like China.

Casey Neistat is a photographer / videographer from New York that has often used visual media to start conversations. While a good portion of his videos are entertaining, they also often have a message. This year, Neistat captures a different side of the phenomenon of queuing for iPhone, showing people in line, that will eventually sell their devices to dealers that will be shipping them outside the country.

While we never actually get to see where these iPhone's are headed, Neistat does throw out some consistencies in each transaction alluding to the fact that these iPhone's are heading to China's black market. While this video is quite shocking, not every line for the iPhone was this disturbing. Let's not forget what happened in Australia, as one young man decided to share his iPhone with the local news and gave us all a little bit of a chuckle.

Source: Casey Neistat | Image via Casey Neistat

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