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This gorgeous concept could make you forget Microsoft ever took Windows XP away

The first week of 2024 has been an interesting one for you if you enjoy a bit of retro Microsoft and Windows news. We covered a cool software utility program dubbed "MSBob" that tries to take inspiration from the failed Microsoft Bob project. The app is still WIP and could become a more polished and useful version later.

Aside from that, we also took a small stroll down memory lane all the back to the 1980s as the earliest known version of 86-DOS - the OS that's the forefather to MS-DOS - was unearthed with a photo of the original disk as well.

Most PC users today though are far more familiar with the graphical user interface (GUI) of Windows, as compared to DOS, and despite all the modernization efforts that have been made to the UI, many, including members of the Neowin forum, seem to have a soft spot for the older Windows versions, like Windows 95, XP, and such.

Windows XP 2024 concept

YouTuber AR 4789, who creates and shares interesting Windows concepts, published their latest video that may quench the thirst of those who have always wanted a more modern version of Windows XP with the feel and touch of Windows 11. The UI looks polished and modern similar to 11 with the colors and style as well as the famous Bliss wallpaper reminding of its roots in XP.

The Start menu is on the left instead of the center, which most would likely prefer on XP, and as a nice touch, there is also Rover the cute assistant dog in there as well. A Winver screenshot was also made that shows the version of Windows XP 2024 as 24H2, which is in line with the yearly feature updates on 11.

Windows XP 2024 concept
Windows XP 2024 concept
Windows XP 2024 concept

Up next, we have the File Explorer which also shows a similar treatment with a combination of the best qualities of Windows 11 blended in with Windows XP.

Windows XP 2024 concept
Windows XP 2024 concept
Windows XP 2024 concept

Finally, we also have the Settings menu and again, the YouTuber has done a great job with the design as the thing looks pretty compelling.

Windows XP 2024 concept

You can watch the concept video in full below:

It's perhaps not too far-fetched to assume that had Microsoft never retired XP and its UX /UI choices, the concept shown here may well have been very close to a real thing.

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