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This third-party Windows 11-style Spotify app kind of looks better than the official one

Spotify desktop app
Official Spotify app for Windows

Spotify, which is one of the most popular online music streaming utilities, is available as an app on Windows 10 and Windows 11. It can be downloaded from the official website or from Microsoft Store. Interestingly, the Spotify app would even install itself on Windows 11 without any user input, according to reports online. The same was happening on Windows 10 as well, but the case is a lot more prevalent on Windows 11 it seems.

While for those that love and enjoy Spotify this shouldn't be an issue, others may not really like the service, or perhaps do not prefer the color scheme of Spotify and the way it looks. Some could feel that the aesthetics do not go well with the overall Windows 11 theme.

Twitter user and software developer Guilherme Roussi is working on a Spotify-like app for Windows 11 with the Windows 11 fluent design in mind, and this could be something right up the alley of those that are fond of the Windows 11 approach, at least in terms of looks. It is still a work in progress though, for the most part, but it does still look quite presentable. Though we have no idea about the performance side of things yet.

Here are a few images shared by Roussi:

Windows 11 style Spotify
Windows 11 style Spotify
Windows 11 style Spotify
Windows 11 style Spotify

Overall, the app has a striking resemblance to Groove music, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. In case you are a fan of the darkness, Rossi added that the dark theme version for this is also being worked on. Other improvements have also been planned.

Source and images: Guilherme Roussi (Twitter)

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