Turn 10 shows off Forza Motorsport reboot gameplay, launches in 2023

It was 2020 when Turn 10 Studios first revealed it is working on a new Forza Motorsport game, ditching the numbering system of previous entries entirely to signify the start of a new generation. Today, the title finally received a proper showing at the packed Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. Watch the first unveiling with in-game footage featuring raytracing above.

Alongside a look at Maple Valley, a fan-favorite track returning from the original Motorsport from 2005, Turn 10 showed off the tracks Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and Laguna Seca Raceway, as well as Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit coming in for the first time from South Africa. Circuit Hakone was also revealed as coming to the next-generation racer, a track built just for the game to show off its immersion levels.

"Forza Motorsport has been built from the ground up to showcase the Xbox Series X|S consoles," says Motorsport creative director Chris Esaki. "The accuracy of our overhauled physics, the beauty of our cars and tracks, our new dynamic time of day, advanced car damage, and real time ray tracing on track lead to a generational leap in immersion. The all-new Forza Motorsport is the most technically advanced racing game ever made."

The studio also touted the title's fully dynamic time of day and weather systems that impact the track surface temperatures, which in turn affect the grip levels of players' cars. Thanks to the horsepower in newer generation consoles, physics simulation has been overhauled drastically according to Turn 10. Cars showing damage, from the tiniest abrasions and piled dirt to more significant hits, was also a focus here, with even the direction of where the damage came from being visible in the simulator.

Plus, listening to fan feedback, tire and fuel management, several tire compounds, and deeper car building mechanics are also being implemented.

Forza Motorsport screenshot

Forza Motorsport is coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming in spring 2023. Like all other Xbox first party titles, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be getting the game on day one as well. This was not the only Forza announcement at the Xbox Showcase today either. Playground Games announced a Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 5.

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