Twitter ponders offering a TweetDeck subscription service

Micro-blogging service Twitter is said to be working on a subscription variant for TweetDeck, its social media dashboard.

User @andrewtavani has tweeted out a series of images which hint towards a positioning of the premium version of the dashboard towards "marketers, journalists, professionals" and other people on the social media platform who may benefit from more advanced capabilities.

These various capabilities like alerts and analytics seem to be bringing TweetDeck more inline with arguably its biggest competitor, Hootsuite. However, Tavani has revealed in a follow-up tweet that at the moment, a flat monthly fee of $19.99 has been put forth, unlike Hootsuite's varying prices for different plans.

It is worth mentioning that Twitter is not looking to charge the aforementioned fee for all its users, only those who wish to use the more advanced capabilities.

Some may be a bit confused as to why the company chose to go this route. It doesn't seem as strange in light of its effort to streamline the lineup by shuttering the iOS, Android and AIR apps, and dropping support for the Windows version of TweetDeck.

This move is also not that weird in light of very slow revenue growth, the slowest since it went public four years ago.

Images via Andrew Tavani

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