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TweetDeck gets updated to XPro as Musk moves forward with the rebrand

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X's (formerly Twitter) TweetDeck app is going through the new changes as Elon Musk moves ahead with Twitter's rebranding to X. This comes days after the official Twitter website was updated with the new logo and the company released similar updates for both Android as well as iOS apps.

Now, the changes are reflecting on TweetDeck as well, with the website showing XPro while a user is logged out of TweetDeck. That being said, the landing page still has crumbs from the old brand with the header reading, "A powerful, real-time tool for people who live on Twitter." The page also mentions "Looking for the legacy version of XPro?" with a hyperlink that redirects to the old TweetDeck login page.

Furthermore, the website's favicon as well as the tab header has been updated to show the X logo and the XPro texts respectively. However, TweetDeck still retains the old domain for now. The new changes were confirmed by Musk last week but he did not reveal when the changes will start reflecting on the website.

Along with the transition to XPro, we expect TweetDeck to become a subscriber-only service soon. This change was announced last month after an API change broke TweetDeck service. Twitter Support further confirmed on 3rd July that the service will be available to those who pay to be verified “in 30 days”. With that in mind, one can expect the change to be live soon, along with the awaited TweetDeck 2.0 update.

Musk and the team is still working on completing the transition from Twitter to X. The billionaire also briefly added a giant X sign on the company's headquarters in San Francisco which was soon taken down for the breach of city's rules.

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