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Twitter reportedly looking at new e-commerce model; soon you could buy stuff with a tweet

Twitter is reportedly getting very serious about online commerce, and users may soon be able to buy things with just a simple tweet.

A new report from Recode is saying that Twitter is partnering up with Stripe to offer its users some interesting new functionality. Users would reportedly be able to buy stuff directly on Twitter while advertisers and companies could offer special offers and deals to their followers.

This isn’t the first time that the social network has tried such a strategy, but inside sources cited by this report say that earlier attempts were always shelved before they could actually be implemented. For example a “tweet to send money to others” was developed some time ago but the product never saw the light of day.

You might also remember the partnerships between Twitter and American Express, and later Starbucks that allowed some customers to buy specific products directly on Twitter, and this new strategy seems to be much along the same lines, but with a much wider reach.

There’s no precise info yet on how or when the social network will implement this new service, but you can easily envisage tie-ins with popular brands, TV shows and others. And of course there are issues of security and privacy to be considered, but we're sure these will get detailed once the product is closer to launch.

Source: RecodeImage via Twitter

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