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Two more Megaupload team members arrested

Megaupload's shut down on Thursday by the US government has now resulted in the arrests of two more of its team members. Reuters reports that two more of the file sharing web site's executives, Sven Echternach of Germany and Andrus Nomm of Estonia, have now been found in Europe.

The revelation that two more Megaupload team members have now been arrested was made Monday in New Zealand during a bail hearing for the company's founder Kim Dotcom and three more company executives, Bram van der Kolk, Finn Batato and Mathias Ortman. All of them have been charged with online piracy of copyrighted items by the US government.

New Zealand government lawyer Anne Toohey stated during the hearing that Nomm had been detained in the Netherlands. Echternach was arrested in his native Germany but he will apparently be staying there as the German government does not allow its own citizens to be extradited.

There's still one other Megaupload team member, Julius Bencko, that has been charged but has yet to be arrested. Meantime, it looks like Dotcom and the three other members of Megaupload will have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to see if the judge will grant them bail.

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