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Unofficial Clippy just got a lot better inside Windows debloater Winpilot (BloatyNosyAI)

Popular third-party utility BloatyNosy underwent a couple of major transformations recently. First, it received more features to become an AI remover from Windows, and second, it also went through a renaming as many thought the application's name was odd, even though it is quite useful.

Initially, the developer of the app, Belim, had simply added AI to the end of its name: BloatyNosy, to make it BloatyNosyAI. This was later renamed to Winpilot, which makes it a lot easier to figure out the app's purpose as it is inspired by Copilot.

Remove New Outlook for Windows using BloatyNosy or Winpilot

Speaking of which, users can remove Copilot very easily using a simple prompt inside Winpilot. So if you trust your Windows PC with third-party software, you can give it a go. In a later update, Clippy was added to the utility to appeal to the nostalgics.

With the latest update, multiple improvements have been made to the Assistant. The dev notes that there is a "deeper integration of Clippy" now, aside from several bug fixes, including fixes regarding Clippy's speech balloon, suggestions and more.

There are several other fixes and improvements too. The full changelog is given below:

Winpilot 3.5.0


This was meant to be primarily a hotfix, addressing a critical bug that could prevent the offering of Assisted/AI features on some systems. However, the build was already ready, so we're jumping straight to version 3.5

  • Winpilot now takes no autonomous actions and leaves nothing to chance. Especially, the debloater "Decrapify" will now only assist, and the bloatware database will be "statically/community" maintained.
  • UI has been significantly refreshed under the current codename Stargate. You can either use the step-by-step assistant or switch between plugins via the "Pilot" button.
  • Deeper integration of Clippy into Winpilot, which now observes every step and reports status.
  • The Copilotless plugin has been integrated into CoTweaker. You can now directly search for, disable, or re-enable Microsoft Copilot/AI features from there.
  • The Debloating Plugin "Decrapify" now offers a bulletin board declaring "Bloatware for deletion" as recommended. These include numerous inbox apps from Microsoft and all other sponsored and pre-installed apps from various OEMs.
  • Numerous bug fixes #178 #160 #181 #183 #184 #186 Thanks @LyndonGingerich

If you want to try Winpilot (BloatyNosyAI) you can download the app by visiting its GitHub page. As always, do bear in mind that this is a third-party utility.

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