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Remove New Outlook for Windows and go back to Classic using BloatyNosy and Clippy

Back in September 2023, rumors started flying that Microsoft might automatically install the New Outlook for Windows on with the Windows 11 23H2 (2023 update). Following that, the press began reporting about another quirk of the new Outlook: it would send users' non-MSA data to its servers and Microsoft felt it was for your own good.

If you do not like these things about the new app or simply prefer the Classic app, you can remove it with one click using Bloatynosy, a third-party utility that helps remove such applications from Windows with only one or two clicks.

The developer of the app, Belim, recently published Bloatynosy AI, which would do the same for Copilot. Although removing or uninstalling the New Outlook for Windows is not quite as tricky as Copilot, as you can simply do so from the Apps & features list inside Settings, it is still a nice option to have if you can trust a third-party utility on your PC.

Remove New Outlook for Windows using BloatyNosy or Winpilot

While not a technical complaint, a lot of users were not much of a fan of the name of the app itself. The developer has been taking note of this and, as such, has renamed Bloatynosy to Winpilot. It also integrates Clippy, which is a nice touch to invoke nostalgia among Windows users.

Winpilot will pick up where Bloatynosy left off. The plan was originally just to rename the AI version, but this time we'll do it right and completely turn our backs on Bloatynosy. I've been playing around with a few names over the past few weeks, which are now making their way into Winpilot as plugins, such as CoTweaker and ClippySupreme, which also doubles as the main assistant in the Winpilot app designed as a chatbot.

Here is the changelog for version 3.1:


  • Deepening integration of the debloating plugin "Decrapify" into Winpilot for improved functionality.
  • Optimized DPI scaling and improved UI responsiveness.
  • Added new skills such as removing the new Outlook app for all users (Besides Zac Bowden, I'm also not vibing with the new Outlook app) and switching to the classic Mail and Calendar app. To achieve this function, all it takes is a chatbox query for 'outlook'.
  • UI has been jazzed up a bit with a logo in the header and a temporary subheader 'Bloatynosy.'
  • Numerous internal code enhancements.

Like on Bloatynosy AI, users can simply type "outlook" inside the box, and Winpilot will offer suggestions like "Want to go back to classic Outlook and remove the new Outlook app?" On clicking the suggestion, a word balloon by Clippy confirms that the new Outlook has been removed.

Remove New Outlook for Windows using BloatyNosy or Winpilot
Remove New Outlook for Windows using BloatyNosy or Winpilot

You can download Bloatynosy (Winpilot) version 3.1 from its GitHub page. As always, do keep in mind that this is an unofficial third-party app.

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