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Western Digital's SanDisk brand plans to launch the world's first 4TB SD card in 2025

sandisk 4tb extreme sd card

We still remember the first time we got an SD card with 1GB of storage, thinking that was huge. Well, get ready for a new milestone in portable storage. As part of a Western Digital press release this week, the company revealed that it will release the world's first SD card with a whopping 4TB of storage, under its SanDisk brand.

Western Digital says the new card will use the Secure Digital Ultra Capacity (SDUC) standard which in theory will allow for cards as large as 128TB. Based on the press image of the SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card, it will have a Class 10 rating, which means it should have data transfer rates of up to 104 MB per second. It will also have a Video Speed Class rating of V30, which should mean it will have a minimal write speed of 30 MB per second.

The upcoming Western Digital SanDisk Extreme Pro 4TB SD card will likely get a lot of buyers from people who use stand-alone digital cameras, who can use it to store even more videos on the card. It will also likely be used by people who own notebook that have an SD card slot so they can store even more data, or even back up their entire internal storage drive, on a card.

Western Digital says it will launch the SanDisk Extreme Pro 4TB SD card sometime in 2025. It has not revealed how much the card will cost, but expect it to be very pricey when it shows up.

Western Digital also announced plans to launch a 2TB SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I card, along with a 2TB SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC UHS-I memory card. Both are expected to go on sale sometime in the summer of 2024. Again, no prices were revealed.

In addition, Western Digital announced a new lineup of SanDisk Express SD and microSD cards. These cards are supposed to offer speeds up to 4.4 times the amount found on current SanDisk cards. They will be released in 128GB and 256GB versions sometime this summer. No price points were revealed.

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