Upcoming generation of Intel processors to allegedly include a Core i9

The rumor that Intel would want to launch an even higher end variant of its Core processor family has been floating around for many years. It appears that we might've just gotten a glimpse at the potential lineup of next-gen Intel processors running on the LGA-2066 architecture.

According to a post on the Anandtech forums, the next generation of enthusiast-grade processors from Intel, codenamed Basin Falls, is said to have both Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X variants, with Kaby Lake-X being the "lower end" of the spectrum. If the provided image is to be believed, the lineup looks like this:

Here it is in a separate table, in case the image is difficult to understand:

Potential Intel Core i9 Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors

Name Cores/
L3 Cache
Base clock/
Turbo clock (GHz)
PCIe Lanes Supported Memory TDP Launch

(Kaby Lake-X)

4/4 6

4.0 /
4.2 (Turbo 2.0)

16 2 x DDR4-2666 112W June 2017

(Kaby Lake-X)

4/8 8

4.3 /
4.5 (Turbo 2.0)

16 2 x DDR4-2666 112W June 2017


6/12 8.25

3.5 /
4.0 (Turbo 2.0)

28 4 x DDR4-2666 140W June 2017


8/16 11

4.3 /
4.5 (Turbo 2.0)

28 4 x DDR4-2666 140W June 2017


10/20 13.75

3.3 /
4.3 (Turbo 2.0)
4.5 (Turbo 3.0)

44 4 x DDR4-2666 140W June 2017


12/24 16.5 TBA 44 4 x DDR4-2666 140W August 2017

No pricing has been revealed just yet, but since these chips are pegged for launch next month, that detail could possibly pop up very soon.

What do you think of these specifications? Sound off in the comments below!

Source and image: Anandtech Forums

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