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Valve announces a new game at The International, 'Artifact'

Valve had a surprise announcement up its sleeve at The International Dota 2 tournament today that basically no one expected. The announcement was for a brand new game by the company, however, curb your enthusiasm as this isn't a sequel to any of the company's existing series, this is an entirely different beast altogether.

The new game is 'Artifact: The Dota Card Game', and its new teaser trailer is seen above. Although it does not show any gameplay, we do get to see its shiny new logo.

The International's host this year, Sean Plott (Day9), revealed some interesting tidbits about the game during the event, saying that there will be three game boards representing the three lanes in Dota, with each player controlling five heroes. The card game will use the same heroes that are available in Dota 2, already guaranteeing plenty of variety.

Brad Muir, who has previously worked on games such as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend is currently a developer for Artifact according to a tweet he posted when the game announcement went up.

All in all, the new game will have some mighty contenders in the collectible card game space against popular titles such as Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and the upcoming Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Artifact: The Dota Card Game will most likely be free to play just like Dota 2, and with Steam's massive playerbase at its back, as well as Valve's brand name, the company could easily have the next big collectible card game on their hands. There is no word on a release date or when will we get to see some gameplay, however, there is an official Twitter account for the game that will announce any new details that surface.

Source: Artifact (YouTube)

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