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Valve: Windows 11 is getting closer to Windows 10 on Steam

A Steam logo with Windows 11s default walppaper in the background

Even though Windows 11 has yet to become the go-to operating system for a regular PC consumer, it continues to show steady and healthy growth among gamers. According to Valve and its latest survey results, Windows 11 has reached its all-time high and will soon cross the 36% mark.

Steam Hardware & Software Survey is a monthly survey Valve conducts to understand what technologies, software, and hardware customers use, which, in turn, helps the company and game developers to make decisions about future investments. Valve picks participants randomly and allows opting out of the survey. Therefore, the final data is never 100% accurate.

To no one's surprise, Windows 10 is still the most popular operating system among Steam customers. However, the gap between Windows 10 and 11 is steadily decreasing. Per Valve's latest findings, Windows 10 is currently at 59.43% (-1.08 points compared with the previous month), and Windows 11 is at 35.75% (+1.76 points), an all-time high for the OS that will soon turn two.

Overall, 96.77% of Steam users access the platform from Windows computers (that figure includes Windows 7 and 8.1). 1.79% use macOS and 1.44% are running Linux.

Now to the hardware side of the report, where the most notable changes are related to RAM and GPU models: 32GB of RAM is now the second most popular configuration, and the NVIDIA RTX 3060 is back in second place, overtaking the legendary NVIDIA GTX 1060.

Steam Hardware Survey - June 2023
Processors Intel AMD Microsoft
67.94% (+0.42) 32.03% (-0.43) 0.03%
Physical Cores 6 cores 4 cores 8 cores
32.43% (-1.35) 25.92% (-1.2) 21.17% (+1.58)
Memory 16GB 32GB 8GB

50.55% (-1.38)

17.61% (+0.74) 17.54% (-1.37)
Graphics Cards Models NVIDIA GTX 1650 NVIDIA RTX 3060 NVIDIA GTX 1060
5.50% (-0.35) 4.60% (-0.13) 4.45% (-0.34)
Graphics Cards Memory 8GB 6GB 4GB
27.53% (-0.8) 21.06% (+1.88)

12.71% (-0.77)

Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440 1366 x 768
62% (-2.33) 13.23% (+0.35)

4.94% (-0.28)

You can find more information on the Steam Hardware & Software Survey page.

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