Vingoo wants to serve its fresh squeezed OJ from a vending machine in the US

Vending machines have been around for ages, providing a convenient way to obtain goods, at all hours, without the need to interact with a human. As time has passed and technology has evolved, vending machines have gone from a being a stamp distribution machine to offering up delicious items like candies and sandwiches. But what if you could grab something truly fresh like maybe a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice?

Vingoo has been offering up cups of fresh squeezed orange juice in China for the past few years, serving up nearly two million cups a month. The company is now aiming to bring the fresh squeezed goodness to the United States by introducing its vending machines to the US later this year.

The vending machine can squeeze a cup of orange juice in about 45 seconds and will arrive in the spring somewhere in Southern California. Vingoo has not announced how much a cup of OJ will cost, but this should be a fairly interesting addition to the already more complex vending machines that are making their way to market.

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