Visiontek Plugs Radeon X1300 into PCI Slot

Visiontek, a U.S.-based supplier of graphics cards, has unveiled a graphics card for upgrading personal computers (PCs) with PCI only bus. Typically, such systems are cost-effective computers for offices that are upgraded only to add multi-monitor capability.

"Everyone in PC industry has been saying the standard PCI upgrade for graphics cards was dead for the last few years. In fact, what we have experienced is growing demand for PCI graphics upgrades, because the PCI card works in all PCs...Past, Present and Future," said Jeff Hoeft, senior director of product development for Visiontek.

Visiontek uses Radeon X1300 graphics processor along with special bridge chip on its new low-profile PCI graphics card. The board provides DirectX 9.0 shader model 3.0 support along with advanced Avivo video engine.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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