Want to play with the Surface Pro 3? Best Buy now has them out on display too


If you have been enjoying our in-depth posts about the Surface Pro 3 but still don’t want to wait until June 20th to get your hands on your very own Pro 3, you can now head to Best Buy to get hands-on time with the device too.

Microsoft posted up on its Surface blog today that as of June 8th, Best Buy stores also have the Pro 3 out for display. Of course, if you live close to a Microsoft store, you can head on over there too.

We also know that this tablet has a premium price, starting at $799 and jumps all the way to $1949 if you top out the specs. For that amount of cash, we can’t blame you if you want to hold the device in your hand before swiping the credit card.

While the device does come with a pen, it does not come with the a keyboard cover. So, if you plan on buying the Pro 3, we do highly recommend that you buy the Type cover 3 at $129.99. Sure, it is expensive but the added functionality is worth the price and it makes the Pro 3 feel more like an ultrabook than a tablet.

If you are going to get the Type cover with your Pro 3, the red version of the product can be purchased only at a Microsoft store and the navy blue color is exclusive to Best Buy.

While the Pro 3 certainly fills a need for someone who doesn’t want to carry a laptop and a tablet, we know it's not a device for every consumer. With that being said, we have enjoyed our time with our Pro 3 and our upcoming review will reflect highly of Microsoft’s third generation device.

Source: Microsoft

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