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Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation expansion announced

InXile Entertainment's latest RPG Wasteland 3 is gaining another expansion later this year. During the Xbox gamescom stream today, the studio unveiled Cult of the Holy Detonation a brand new story expansion that will take the Rangers to a pre-war bunker inside Cheyenne Mountain. Catch the teaser trailer above.

The story involves a mutant cult that worships a nuclear explosion that's somehow held in stasis, one that could become an immense power source. The factions of the cult will have different opinions on what should be done with it though. There will be new characters, enemies, new types of combat encounters that features objectives,

The expansion will come online when the player hits level 16 when an old friend contacts them. Like the base game, it will be playable both solo and cooperatively. In true InXile fashion, The expansion will be filled with choices and consequences.

Wasteland 3 screenshot

This will be the second and last expansion that will hit the critically acclaimed RPG. Earlier this year, the studio launched The Battle of Steeltown expansion, which sent the Rangers to a factory complex responsible for producing and maintaining Colorado's armaments following a sudden halt in production.

Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation launches on October 5 with a $6.99 price tag, and it will be available on Steam, Microsoft Store, GOG, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will see a 10% discount when buying the expansion. The studio also announced the Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection today, a package containing the base game, its two expansions, plus some bonus gear for $59.99.

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