Watch the original Doom being played on four CRT PC monitors in single player

Classic iconic Doom poster

id Software first released the original Doom way back in December 1993, which means we are closing in on its 30th anniversary (boy, do we feel old). Since its release, the first person shooter has been ported to all sorts of unlikely platforms, including a calculator and most recently Notepad. However, a feature in Doom that has never really been used extensively has now been accessed by AkBKukU, host of the Tech Tangents YouTube channel (via PCGamer)

The host got his hands on some floppy disks of Doom 1.1, which supported running the game on several CRT monitors at once. The catch? Each of the monitors must also be connected to a PC. AkBKukU got four Intel Pentium 4-based PCs running on MS-DOS 6.22 up and running, He also installed some LAN hardware and software and used the GoTek floppy emulator to install the game itself (avoiding the floppy drives).

You can watch the whole procedure in his YouTube video, but finally he was able to get four monitors to play single player Doom (three for the game itself and the other for its automap). It's truly very cool to watch, even though the process to get it running will likely be out of reach for most people.

Source: Tech Tangents on YouTube via PCGamer

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