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We finally get our first look at Anthem's gameplay, the new IP from Bioware

As EA promised yesterday, the company revealed Bioware's new IP at Microsoft's E3 conference today. Anthem will be a 'live service' game with a model similar to Destiny and feature a large, open world set in a futuristic planet.

Players will take on the role of a Freelancer, heroes that dare to venture out of the walled-off civilized areas in the world of Anthem and explore the unforgiving land beyond. In order to survive the often brutal wilderness, Freelancers don suits of Fallout 4-esque power armor called Javelin exosuits. The Javelins are totally customizable for your preferred look and play style and offer their wearer interesting abilities like flying around the open world and devastating special attacks in combat.

While not a lot more detail was revealed, there may also be some sort of crafting system requiring the collection of minerals and other materials as you walk around the game world - alongside the loot system, of course.

Dynamic, large-scale world events are also teased as being powerful incentives for players to venture off the beaten path and discover mor of the world, though not more than a few seconds of this were on display in this reveal.

The game looks stunning and may offer a compelling alternative to Destiny, with some slick-looking gunplay and development spearheaded by Bioware, one of the most decorated studios in the gaming industry.

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