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WebOS 2.1 for Pre Plus arrives on O2 (Germany), may work elsewhere

Despite HP/Palm claiming that WebOS 2.1 wouldn't be finding its way onto the Pre Plus, it seems O2 Germany subscribers are seeing the update as available to download according to Engadget.

Sporting new features such as voice-dialing and improved multitasking, WebOS 2.1 was originally believed to be on its way to new hardware coming out of the HP acquisition of Palm only, though this latest news proves otherwise.

There are few reports yet as to how well the new OS runs on the older hardware, though the new features may outweigh any potential sluggishness users could experience - we all like new toys, right?

So can Pre Plus users outside Germany expect the update too? We're also receiving reports that the German version can be installed in other territories (within Europe at least) though again we've yet to see widespread confirmation.

If you're feeling brave and have a spare Pre Plus to play with, you can download the firmware here and there is a lengthy PDF (in German) listing the new features of 2.1. Good luck!

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