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Will Microsoft Surface promo videos take Apple head on?

Yes, we are just seven weeks away from the official launch of both Windows 8 and the Windows RT version of Microsoft's first PC hardware product, the Surface tablet. We have already seen that Microsoft is promoting Surface in NYC and LA with a street art-based viral marketing campaign.

Microsoft is almost certainly preparing a massive promotional push for Windows 8 and Surface. Today, Peter Horsten, a Dutch-based founder of the software company Goyello, posted word on his Twitter page that he has seen Microsoft's first promo videos for both products.

According to his first post, he states, "Just saw some and promo films. Seeing it you don't want anything else anymore." When we asked him to reveal more information he replied, "Very cool, almost Apple alike and with some inside jokes regarding #Apple #surface #Windows8."

If this is indeed accurate, it might mean that Microsoft could be taking the tablet marketing battle with Apple's iPad head on with the Surface, much like how Apple a few years ago had their "Mac-PC" ads that tried to slam PCs in general and Microsoft's Windows OS in particular.

Source: Peter Horsten Twitter page | Image via Microsoft

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