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Windows 10 for Phones keyboard has a nubbin, here's how it works

Earlier today, Microsoft released a technical preview of Windows 10 for phones and there is a small update to the keyboard that should make your life a little bit easier. If you haven't checked out our gallery yet, you can do so here to get a better understanding of all the new features in the OS.

When you open the keyboard - and it seems to only show up with apps that are made by Microsoft, for now - there is a new nubbin that allows you to easily scroll through text. The way it works is that if you type out a sentence, you can then hold your finger down on the nubbin and scroll through the text quickly in any direction.

This is a simple but great feature as it allows you to precisely place a cursor inside of a word to change a letter without having to delete the word. What we mean is that typically with a smartphone OS you have to tap the word to get the cursor to move back inside of a sentence that highlights the word instead of dropping the cursor in place. With the new nubbin, you can quickly jump back through the text and have it land in the exact spot you need rather than tapping and hoping for the OS to accurately interpret your intention.

This is a small addition to the OS but many users may appreciate it once they see how useful it can be when writing long emails or Facebook messages.

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