Windows 10 is installed on 18.5 million machines

Last week, Microsoft pushed the button and shipped Windows 10 to the world. The OS, which is a free upgrade has been adopted quickly by consumers with Microsoft touting that over 14 million machines had been upgraded in the first 24 hours after the OS was released.

According to our own internal sources, Windows 10 has been installed on 18.5 million machines, not the 67 million number that had been previously reported. I tried to figure out where that number might have come from and my best guess is that it is the number of machines registered to receive the OS but sources tell me that 67 million is likely a low figure for total registrations for the OS.

At its peak, Windows 10 was being installed at a rate of 1500 machines per second.

It should be expected that the upgrades to Windows 10 will come at a fast pace, seeing that the OS is receiving positive reviews from all corners of the web, and you should expect the 18.5 million figure to grow rapidly over the coming weeks and months. Microsoft has already said that they are rolling out the OS in stages to make sure all users have a good experience with the OS and while 18.5 million is a large number, there are many more consumers who are still waiting for the update.

Microsoft’s tactic of giving away the OS as a free upgrade to consumers with Windows 7 or 8.1 appears to be paying off. Based on the distribution of the OS to date, it looks like many took the bait and pre-registered to receive the OS which is a big win as the company needs the OS to succeed, to help drive developers to build apps for its store.

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