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Windows Mobile 7 details start to leak out

As we get closer to Mobile World Congress, the details surrounding Windows Mobile 7 seem to become clearer each day. WMExperts have let out a bunch of details that they believe are the real deal when it comes to WM7 (Windows Mobile 7).

They state that there will be two versions of the platform, Windows Mobile Seven Business Edition and Windows Mobile Seven Media Edition, although WMExperts reports that both versions will be called “Seven”.    The emphasis for the Media Edition will be HD media playback, Xbox Live integration, Facebook, Twitter, Silverlight and many other features.

The Business Edition will focus on the corporations who want security and reliability as well as third party vendors. This version will allow for third party manufactures to use their own UI if they choose; so expect to see companies like HTC put their Sense UI on top of this platform.  This platform will get better battery life and be less resource intensive when compared against the Media Edition.

Finally, Microsoft will also be showing off a new cloud based assisted GPS that is supposed to speed up the initial lock-on when trying to aquire your location; this platform is called “Orion”.  The target is for the user to be able to locate themselves using “Orion”  in less than a second and would be within 300 meters.  A warm or hot start is targeting 10 meters in less than .25 seconds.

A lot of speculative details have been potentially uncovered.  While all of these seem legitimate and follow Microsoft’s core strategy ( multiple versions of the OS) they are all still rumors.

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