Windows Phone Blue becomes a bit clearer

Windows Phone Blue is a relatively new term for those who follow the Microsoft scene. While we started hearing about Windows Blue a few months back, we have since learned that Blue is supposedly a companywide initiative, rather than a single product focus.

So, what is Windows Phone Blue, or should we say, what’s the latest on WPB? Well Mary Jo Foley, who is a hawk at getting the goods on these types of things, has been able to dig up some information about the update.

MJF who has a pretty awesome tracour record when it comes to these types of things, has stated that Windows Phone Blue will be used to help unify the app and developer models utilized by Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone. Blue will include new programming UIs, kernel updates and a few user interface improvement, according to her source. Sure, the details are all high-level for now, but it should provide a better base as to what Blue truly represents.

While we wait for Microsoft to come clean about the new updates and what they are working on, PCmag is reporting that Microsoft is looking to do-away with announcing platforms months in advance and will only announce items when they are getting close to launch. We would like to think that they took our advice after we lamented them for the Windows Phone 8 launch that was awfully executed but we won't get cocky about that, yet. 

So there you have it, a bit more about Windows Phone Blue but know that even though the source is solid, everything is subject to change.

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