Windows Phone sales reps using "Smoked by Windows" tactic [Update]

Update: Well, it looks like those videos have been taken down for some reason. Also, a message on one of Microsoft's official Windows Phone Twitter pages indicates that the videos created by the person in charge, Brian, "were simply his own idea for training - not a direct employee, not officially sponsored."

Original story: During CES 2012 earlier this month, Microsoft approached a number of people at the show and asked them to pit their iOS and Android devices against Windows Phone products in speed tests. The final result was that Windows Phone devices won 30 times, lost three times and had one draw in these speed and performance challenges. Now it seems that Microsoft's Windows Phone team members are going into wireless phone stores and launching their own "Smoked by Windows" challenges.

As spotted by, a recent Youtube video, shown above, has a Windows Phone sales rep challenging, and then beating, a T-Mobile team member by quickly posting a Facebook photo via his Windows Phone device against an unnamed smartphone. Another video, show below, has the same Windows Phone rep beating another person with the same challenge. The loser had an HTC Vivid phone powered by Android.

The "Smoked by Windows" campaign is pretty effective and proves that a device with Windows Phone can compete, at least on the performance end, with any other smartphone on the market. We will see if this marketing push will help sell Windows Phone-based products, particularly as Nokia begins to ramp up its North American sales for its Lumia smartphones.

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