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Windows Phone 'smokes' iOS, Android in head-to-head race

Microsoft's BenThePCGuy hit the show floor with two things, hundred dollar bills in his pocket and a Windows Phone in his hand. As we posted up previously, Windows Phone was able to 'smoke' a Galaxy Nexus in a head to head race and Ben took on many other competitors to show the true speed of Windows Phone.

Microsoft has posted up more videos from the challenge which can be seen below. The entire series can be seen on YouTube but we pulled a variety of the clips to show the challenge in action.

The concept is simple, the challenger picks a task, then both Ben and the challenger race to complete the action. The idea behind the challenge is to show that Windows Phone is actually faster at completing common tasks than its competition.

This bold marketing attempt is not perfect as Ben did have to toss out a couple hundreds but overall did quite well. The final tally was 30 wins, 3 loses and 1 draw, not bad for Windows Phone.

This marketing tactic hits several points. One, it's a great way to show off the speed of the OS and two, it proves that heavy specs do not equate to faster phones. At the end of the day, it was a creative way to advertise the platform as Microsoft continues to battle Android and iOS.

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