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Windows Phone unlock tokens sold out

ChevronWP7 made a big splash in the Windows Phone communities as it allows individuals to unlock their devices for a small fee. Unfortunately, the future of the program is a bit uncertain; the group is currently discussing internally about if they will offer more unlock tokens.

They intially purchased 10,000 tokens according to the group's official twitter feed (via Zdnet). As it stands, those tokens have sold out and, according to a post to Twitter, there are no current plans to purchase any more at the moment. But, in a later posting, it has been clarified that the group is currently discussing internally if they will approach Microsoft to purchase more tokens. While the project remains in limbo, there are currently no tokens left to purchase.

While the group has not publically discussed why they would not purchase more tokens, one indiciation may be from Rafael's Twitter account where he has stated that supporting the project is not an easy task. In another tweet, he exclaims his dismay for having to deal with PayPal disputes. It seems that it is not the tool that is creating the headaches for the group, but rather the overhead that comes with supporting it. This includes customer disputes and, as he writes on his own site, dealing with inaccurate information that is published by the media.

While we hope that the group obtains more tokens from Microsoft, we do know that if there is a need in the marketplace of homebrew devices, if ChevronWP7 is not up to the task, another group or indiviudal may step in.


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