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Windows Phone users are the least likely to switch to iPhone 6

A new survey by research company Survata has found that amongst all three major mobile platforms, Windows Phone owners are the least likely to switch to Apple's upcoming iPhone 6.

The survey was conducted using a non-traditional methodology -- specifically, Survata polled users of various websites by asking them to complete a survey in exchange for "premium content" on the site -- and while the results are close, Windows Phone still came out on top as the platform with the most loyal users. Six percent of BlackBerry users said they were 'very likely' to switch to the iPhone 6, while five percent of Android users said they were very likely, and only three percent of Windows Phone users expressed the same sentiment.

While the survey itself was conducted through Survata, it was actually created by CNET contributor and tech advisor Chris Matyszczyk, who intended to test the waters for Apple's upcoming device. Only 889 respondents replied to the survey, but the most telling statistic was amongst existing iPhone 5 users, with over 36 percent saying that they were 'very likely' to upgrade to an iPhone 6.

Windows Phone users coming out on top in terms of platform dedication is very good news for Microsoft, who is consistently seeking to develop their mobile and tablet-based offerings. Microsoft has seen an increase in smartphone subscribers between April and July of 2014, and with talks of a potential successor to the popular 41MP Lumia 1020, Microsoft can almost certainly look forward to establishing a further foothold in the competitive smartphone market in coming months. But, more importantly, they can rest easy knowing that they'll keep their existing userbase after Apple's announcement on Tuesday.

Source: CNET

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