Windows Threshold: ARM preview and future releases

Over the past couple of week we’ve been sharing a lot of info on Microsoft’s next version of Windows, codenamed Threshold.

We’ve found out about some of the major changes coming to the platform, including new UI features, the return of the start menu and some tidbits about Cortana. We also know that Windows Threshold will be released in preview form next month but now we are starting to learn more about RT.

That’s all very exciting and now we have another piece of the puzzle thanks to the always excellent Mary Jo Foley. Her sources are saying that the Windows Threshold technical preview will be limited to Intel/x86 setups, but that an ARM preview will be coming early next year.

The ARM version is expected to work both on tablets and Windows Phones, aligning the ecosystems further. Mary Jo Foley also mentions that the ARM version of Threshold will not include the classic Desktop, meaning this preview will finally show us all the new features coming to Microsoft’s modern UI.

On top of all of this, Windows Threshold, widely expected to be called Windows 9 upon its release early next year, might be Microsoft’s final major Windows release. Instead of new major versions such as Windows 10, 11 and so on Microsoft will continue updating Threshold with new features and fixes.

This is a big change compared to the way the company is used to doing business, but in a world of fast cadence releases and mobile first, cloud first technology, this new approach may be the only way forward.

Source: ZDNet

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